Flux Automation Projects

From greenfield to retrofit, from a complete system overhaul to simple troubleshooting. No job is too small, and no job is too complex. Below are some details from a few of the numerous projects that Flux Automation Services has successfully executed, bringing value and making long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Ship Loadout Upgrade

Flux Automation Services provided engineering and programming services to integrate the client’s ship loadout equipment into their existing facility control system:

  • Designed and Installed Six Remote I/O Panels. Three I/O Panels for MCC Interface and Three I/O Panels for Boom and Gate Control
  • Thirty-Five Motors
  • Twenty-Four Hydraulic Gates

This project allowed remote supervision of operations and equipment diagnostics. Reducing downtime due to insufficient equipment diagnostic information.

Industrial Grain Client – Toledo, Ohio

Reclaim and Container Loadout

Flux Automation Services provided engineering and programming services to integrate bin reclaim and container loadout equipment:

  • Twenty-Two Variable Feed Reclaim Gates
  • Two Reclaim Belt Conveyors
  • Bucket Elevator with Dust Collection System
  • Container Loadout Conveyor with Spout and Winch

A remote I/O panel was installed and incorporated into their control system to accommodate the newly integrated equipment.

This project allowed loadout operators greater control of the reclaim and loadout process while eliminating the need for personnel to be stationed to manually open and close gates.

Industrial Grain Client – Columbus, Ohio

Control System Network Overhaul

Flux Automation Services upgraded an aging facility control system network with the latest Cisco and Stratix Technology:

  • Utilized the client’s existing fiber infrastructure
  • Installed Cisco Catalyst core switches in a stacked high availability configuration
  • Installed Stratix 5400 Switches in zones
  • Utilized Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP) for trunk fault tolerance
  • VLANs for network segmentation
  • Integrated real-time network diagnostics viewed through the control system, allows operators to quickly identify network faults
  • Fully configured and tested before installation to minimize downtime during the cut over

This project has improved system reliability, security, and visibility while simplifying and comprehensively documenting their once chaotic controls network.

Networks tend to lose structure as various vendors add on and “quick fixes” occur over the years. Let Flux Automation Services audit and overhaul your control system network for peace of mind, knowing your system is stable and secure.

Industrial Grain Client – North America

Hazard Monitoring System Integration

Flux Automation Services performed numerous projects integrating and expanding hazard monitoring systems:

  • Integrations of:
    • Electro Sensors HazardPRO™ Wireless Hazard Monitoring Systems
    • 4B Watchdog and Hotbus Hazard Monitoring Systems
    • CMC Hazard Monitoring Systems
    • Stand-alone RTD Sensors
  • Integrate hazard monitoring systems into your control system to accomplish:
    • Controlled Equipment and System Shutdowns
    • Alarming, Alarm Tracking, Equipment Statuses, and Diagnostics
    • Easily View your Temperatures and Conditions through a Relational Graphical Representation of your Equipment
  • Services include new installations, retrofits, expansions, audits.

Installing a packaged Hazard Monitoring System is a cost-effective method for monitoring your equipment. The true potential of these systems lies when they are integrated into your equipment controls, allowing for intelligent real-time reactions to potentially hazardous events.

Various Industrial Grain Clients

Automated Truck Loadout

Flux Automation Services provided engineering and programming services to integrate truck scales and modulating feed gates to load and top-off cement trucks automatically.

  • Three truck loadout lanes
  • Four cement storage day bins

A once manual operation that required the undivided attention of a load operator to juggle several levers, buttons, and switches to load trucks while also entering in bill of lading records. A delayed reaction for even a second would result in an over-limit and illegal load.

Now, this is done by entering the desired target weight and clicking start. The control system automatically fills at a desired rate to not stress the haul trailer and tops-off the load. This allows the operator to focus on other tasks and has improved load reliability and traffic throughput.

Industrial Cement Client – Houston, Texas

Server Virtualization and Upgrade

Flux Automation Services provided programming and equipment to upgrade and virtualize FactoryTalk View Site Edition redundant servers.

By leveraging the cost savings technology of virtualization while maintaining high availability with redundant hardware, Flux Automation Services performed this hardware and software version upgrade to ensure the reliability of this facility’s critical control system.

Industrial Grain Client – Ohio

Foundry Sand System

Flux Automation Services provided engineering, programming, and panel construction services to replace a non-ferrous foundry’s outdated and failing motor starters. The system included:

  • Eleven starters with motor protectors
  • Three VFD Drives
  • ControlLogix Controller and I/O Rack
  • PanelView Operator Interface
  • Equipment Local Operators Stations
  • Equipment Diagnostics and Fault Alarms

This project has decreased downtime by providing instant equipment diagnostics. Increased safety by providing an improved method for de-energizing equipment and lockout. Increased efficiency while reducing manpower with automatic sand preparation. Finally, improved reliability by utilizing new compact motor protectors.

Industrial Foundry Client – Mansfield, Ohio

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