BOOTP-DHCP Software Tool

The BOOTP-DHCP tool is a network protocol utility used for managing and assigning IP addresses to devices on a network.

BOOTP (Bootstrap Protocol):
BOOTP is an older network protocol that was primarily designed to help workstations obtain their network configuration information during the boot process. It relies on a server-client model, where a BOOTP server maintains a database of IP addresses and corresponding configuration information, such as subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS server addresses. When a device (client) starts up and broadcasts a BOOTP request, the server responds with the necessary configuration details, allowing the client to join the network.

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol):
DHCP is an enhanced version of BOOTP that provides more advanced features and flexibility in IP address management. It offers dynamic allocation of IP addresses, meaning that devices can obtain temporary leases on addresses rather than being assigned fixed addresses permanently. DHCP also supports automatic renewal and release of IP leases, reducing the administrative overhead of managing IP addresses manually.

a. IP Address Assignment: The BOOTP-DHCP tool enables administrators to define IP address ranges and assign addresses to devices on the network. It ensures that no two devices have conflicting IP addresses and helps prevent IP address conflicts.